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Why is My Wood Stove Smoking

Why is My Wood Stove Smoking: The Reasons and Solutions

Smoke is a common problem with wood stove since most of the time when you open the door, a blast of smoke welcomes you. If you often wonder and ask “Why is my wood stove smoking?” then, a definite answer might be hard to find since there could be several reasons behind it. The great […]

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Electric vs Gas Stoves

Electric vs Gas Stoves: Which One Should You Use?

A stove is perhaps the most important appliance in your home because it is one of the things that is needed to cook your food, which is mandatory for survival. As similar to other products, stoves have come a long way, and today we have several choices. As such, we will often struggle with the […]

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Do You Need a Stove When Camping

Do You Need a Stove When Camping: Food, Nature, and You

Although not for everyone, many people still consider camping as a fun outdoor activity. Arguably, those who do find comfort in it tend to go all out to make sure they get the most out of their trips. If you are among those people and this is the first time you are going camping, then […]

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Butane vs Propane Camp Stove

Butane vs Propane Camp Stove: Which Is Better?

Butane and propane, both combustibles and derived from petroleum, are often and commonly used as cooking fuels especially in portable stoves for camping. In this article, we will take a look at the similarities and differences of butane vs propane camp stoves. We will also find out how reliable they can be when used in stoves! […]

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Backpacking Stove Indoors

Can You Use a Backpacking Stove Indoors?

All of us who love to camp and do it very often have our own backpacking stoves. These are handy pieces of equipment that are basically, a lifesaver. They help in cooking delicious food or making the water hot in the middle of nowhere. However, you may find yourself at times in need to use […]

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Backpacking Stove fire

Can I Use a Backpacking Stove Where Fires Are Not Permitted?

We all look forward to those clear blue skies and those tall pine trees when we plan a camping trip. Camping is an excellent way to get away from the mundane and stressful life. However, the weather hasn’t been in anyone’s favor for a while, thanks to global warming. So, we end up seeing too […]

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