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Lovehope Mini Gas Camping Stove Review

Lovehope Mini Gas Camping Stove Review

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Going camping or backpacking is one of the best activities you can do with friends and family. It’s a great way to get outdoors, have fun, and see Mother Nature. That being said, there are a couple of problems that arise when you are out in the woods, with cooking being the largest one of all.

Cooking on an open fire, while it can be entertaining for a while, gets pretty old and tiring, and it never works the way you expect it to. However, there is a solution and it comes in the form of a nice little gas-powered camping stove, the Lovehope Mini Gas Camping Stove.

This is a really neat option to go with for several different reasons. It’s a durable, convenient, and easily transported camping stove that can be used in various situations. Let’s get to it and talk about this camping stove in some greater detail.

Features of Lovehope Mini Gas Camping Stove

This camping stove is a really neat little option to go with for a variety of reasons. If you need a good camping stove that will boil water fast and won’t give out on you at any given time, the Lovehope Mini Gas Camping Stove is an option you should definitely keep in mind for your next camping or backpacking trip. Let’s talk about some of the most important features and benefits which this particular camping and backpacking stove brings to the table.

Perhaps the best part about the Lovehope Mini Gas Camping Stove is that it is extremely small and compact, making it one of the more convenient camping stoves out there right now. The whole thing weighs only 0.24 pounds, making it one of the lightest camping stoves out there. It is so light that carrying it around is barely noticeable no matter who you are.

At the same time, the Lovehope Mini Gas Camping Stove is only 1.5 x 2.2 x 3.2 inches in size, thus also making it one of the smallest camping stoves out there. No matter what the case, carrying this little guy around is not a problem. There is also the fact that this particular camping stove can fold up or collapse into an even smaller package. If convenience is something you look out for, this is an option to keep in mind.

Another neat part about the Lovehope Mini Gas Camping Stove is that it is very easy to reload and can handle multiple kinds of fuel. This little guy is compatible with any 7/16 single thread canister, which means that you don’t have to be quite so selective when choosing your fuel.

As long as the fuel you use is butane or a mixture of butane and propane, you won’t have a problem at all. Simply screw the propane or butane canister onto the thread and you are good to go.

Yet another thing that you might like about the Lovehope Mini Gas Camping Stove is that it is made with an ultra-durable aluminum alloy. This is one of the best and strongest materials that can be used for a camping stove of this type. It is resistant towards heat, which is necessary for a camping stove. At the same time, it is also impact, dent, scratch, and rust resistant, making for one heck of a tough and rugged little backpacking stove no doubt. When it comes to being long lasting, the Lovehope Mini Gas Camping Stove has definitely for your back.

The next thing that stands out about the Lovehope Mini Gas Camping Stove is that it has awesome wind guards. Wind is often a huge problem when it comes to cooking outdoors. Even little gusts can put out both gas and wood fires, even when they are well built. That is not the case with this particular stove. It features a set of wind guards which come up higher than the flames, making it easy to cook even when it is fairly windy outside.

The fact that the Lovehope Mini Gas Camping Stove has a piezo ignition system is yet another bonus that you should be able to appreciate. It’s really easy to light, which makes cooking more than easy. You don’t need any flint, matches, or a lighter to get this stove burning. Simply open up the gas canister and press the ignition button to get the fire going. It really could not be any easier than that.

Furthermore, the Lovehope Mini Gas Camping Stove has an adjustable flame to allow you to cook various things with great accuracy. Simply turn the little knob in order to make the flame bigger or smaller, thus allowing for extremely accurate cooking no matter what you are doing.

The Lovehope Mini Gas Camping Stove is also shown to be very fast and fuel efficient. It can boil a single liter of water in just 2 minutes, making it one of the faster cooking camping stoves on the market today. Most backpacking stoves simply can’t boil water or cook food that quickly, but this one certainly can. The pot holders are very secure, which means that your pot won’t just fall off, plus the flame is so strong that cooking food is doable in a matter of mere minutes.


  • Extremely durable aluminum alloy build
  • Scratch, dent, rust, and impact resistant – heat resistant too
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy piezo ignition system
  • Compatible with multiple types of fuel
  • Wind guard for keeping wind at bay
  • Stable pot holding mechanism
  • Very lightweight and compact
  • Collapses for easy transportation
  • Can boil 1 liter of water in 2 minutes


  • Base is fairly narrow – could be a little more stable
  • Needs to be on perfectly flat and even ground


As you can see, the Lovehope Mini Gas Camping Stove comes with all of the features you need to cook meals while camping or backpacking. It’s a really durable little stove that is compatible with multiple fuels. It’s easy to light, easy to setup, and it’s a breeze to carry around as well.

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