Lowpricenice Professional New Mini Set Stove for Camping Review

Lowpricenice Professional New Mini Set Stove for Camping Review

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Alcohol stoves have been around for quite some time but it did increase in popularity when that video about the soda can hack went viral. For most people, the idea of having a small personal stove, like the Lowpricenice Professional New Mini Set Stove for Camping, that looks like it was made from an empty soda can both perplexes and amazes people who have not gone into any camping trip.

Myths Surrounding Alcohol Stoves

Along with the amazement and perplexity concerning alcohol stoves, several myths have also sprung up regarding its reliability and durability. Here are some of them:

1.  Alcohol Stoves Are Dangerous. Technically, all camp stoves are considered dangerous, especially with the compressed fuel canisters that are often lugged around inside camping packs that do not always shield them from the heat of the sun. Caution should always be taken before, during and after a camping trip; and this applies to alcohol stoves as well.

2.  Alcohol Stoves Are a New Idea. Alcohol stoves and their variants have been around for quite awhile with a recorded use in 1919 when sailboats preferred alcohol-fed stoves because they are much safer to use while in transit, as compared to kerosene stoves. The most popular brand of alcohol stoves actually first sold one way back 1925 so they actually predate modern camping stoves by a few decades.

3.  Alcohol Stoves Aren’t Reliable. There have been unreliable records when it comes to the alcohol stoves’ performance at high altitudes or in a low-temp environment but a quick fact would show that they would still work under that condition, albeit at a much lower performance level. Consider the fact that the surrounding environment affects how flame burns and this performance problem is not exclusive to alcohol stoves alone.

4.  Alcohol Stoves Can’t Be Controlled. This may be true with some models but foldable simmer rings are now available and they help increase or decrease the flame output of the burner just by covering the openings. Simmer rings can actually extinguish the fire if needed.

5.  Rubbing Alcohol Can Be Used. In theory, it can be used but do remember that rubbing alcohol only has 70% alcohol content which is far from the minimum of 80%. This means that the fire produced by rubbing alcohol would be weak and inconsistent. There is also a chance that the fumes that will be generated by burning rubbing alcohol can suffocate you.

Features of the Lowpricenice Professional New Mini Set Stove for Camping

  • Simmer Ring. The Lowpricenice stove comes with a simmer ring that has a foldable handle for easy manipulation while using the stove. This ring lets you control the flame and extinguish the fire later.
  • Ventilation Slots At The Base. There are four slots located at the base of the stand and they act as both windscreens and a means to regulate the flames that it is currently generating.
  • Tough Material. The Lowpricenice is made of hard anodized aluminum which is the preferred material for camping stoves and cookware.
  • LightWeight. Weighing about 10.58oz, the Lowpricenice Alcohol stove is lightweight and is compact enough to fit inside a coffee mug or a dry bag.
  • Fuel Efficient. The holes of the Lowpricenice’s burner are placed at an equidistant position from each other and they help regulate fuel consumption. This results in a longer consumption time of about 45 minutes for every 100ml of alcohol.


  • Spillproof. The screw lid of the Lowpricenice stove prevents the fuel from leaking even if you stored it inside a backpack and have walked around for a bit. The lid fits tightly and it also prevents evaporation as well.
  • Rugged Aluminum. The materials used in creating this product is made to withstand the rugged lifestyle of outdoor camping and it shows with how it feels when carrying it. The black-colored aluminum seems pretty hard, even the tips of the stand feel like they can cold larger cookware.
  • Fuel Efficient. The simmer ring with foldable handles allows you to control the flames and the amount of fuel being used. Consistent tests using this stove and regular denatured alcohol shows that you can place water at a simmer for a long time without affecting the volume of fuel stored inside the stove.
  • Compact and Lightweight. The whole alcohol stove weighs about 300 grams and is compact enough to fit inside cookpots and coffee mugs. While stored, it does give a bulky impression but be careful where you store it as alcohol stoves, in general, have a reputation of being easily crushed.


  • Too Wide for Most Cups. The cooking stand of this alcohol stove is a little too wide for most personal cookware but a quick solution is to use pliers to bend the flat tips a little so that it can hold smaller cookware. Another hack is using a small grill on top of the tips to hold the cookware.
  • No Manuals Included. The Lowpricenice stove is easy to use and there is no need for any manual. However, this documentation can be useful for troubleshooting purposes.
  • No Windscreen. Like most alcohol stoves, the Lowpricenice is easily affected by strong winds and in a sudden gust can easily lower the temperature, if not blow the fire out entirely. It is suggested to use a separate windscreen but be careful how you position it as it may, in turn, increase the temperature within the screen and cause more damage instead of preventing it.


The Lowpricenice Professional New Mini Set Stove for Camping is a fuel efficient alcohol burner that comes with a simmer ring and a cooking stand that fits most personal cookware. The screw lid fits tightly around the rim and it prevents leakage through spills and evaporation; you can actually leave fuel inside and continue your hike and it would still not leak.

This stove is lightweight and compact and fits right into any backpack pocket but be aware where you put it to avoid being crushed, even if the material used for this unit is hard anodized aluminum.


The gold standard for alcohol burners is Trangia stoves which have acquired a legendary status among outdoorsmen. The Lowpricenice stove is lighter than the Trangia and has a different feel because of the materials that were used. Trangia’s utilize brass alloys while the Lowpricenice uses hard anodized aluminum. Both brands have the same performance and fuel efficiency.


The Lowpricenice stove offers a different experience to mountaineers and backpackers alike and, with its rugged exterior and spill-proof lid, it ensures that you are able to cook your own food in minutes. Its compact size and minimal weight mean that it will never be a burden and does not get in your way once packed.

All in all, the Lowpricenice provides more value and functionality and it deserves a special place in any backpackers list of essential gears.

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