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MSR WhisperLite International Stove Review

MSR WhisperLite International Stove Review

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Traveling to different places is an exhilarating experience. And going to different outdoor locations with rough terrains, cold or extremely hot weathers with strong winds will give a different high for those who love adventures.

However, to go on these adventures is to come prepared with equipment and tools like an outdoor stove or cooker. If you are one of these adventurers who is in need of an outdoor stove, then you may want to consider the MSR WhisperLite International Stove.

This fuel stove from MSR is a liquid fuel one, which has many advantages. This kind of stove mostly uses white gas tanks that are refillable, making them more environmentally friendly.

Burning is also easier with a liquid fuel stove, particularly on the cold temperature where the task is more challenging to do. One will have an easy time finding the gas for it since most use white gas, which is available in many outdoor shops.

However, liquid fuel stoves can also run on kerosene, gasoline and isopro canisters, thus giving users options for fuel supply when they have run out.

Arguably, liquid gas stoves have its downside, too. For one, this kind requires users to prime, and assemble the unit. Plus, some periodic maintenance is also needed. One has to be extra careful in its use as well because it is susceptible to fuel spills, which might result in fires that can hurt or damage the camping area and the people in it.

Reviewing The MSR WhisperLite International Stove

MSR belongs to the Cascade Designs Company, which has a fascinating history. Its three founders, namely, Neil Anderson, John Burroughs and Jim Lea were Boeing engineers who were laid off from their jobs by a large aeronautics company in 1971. These three were lovers of outdoors, and they put their passion into designing one excellent gear product, the Therm-A-Rest, the first ever self-inflating mattress the world has seen.

Today, Cascade Designs is still a privately owned firm and has gained a strong following among outdoor enthusiasts as the company has become one of the highly respected producers of outdoor goods.

The MSR WhisperLite International Stove is considered as one of the most versatile outdoor stoves on the market as it was designed from at least two decades of feedback and field use.

It boasts of a multi-fuel performance given that it burns kerosene, white gas, and unleaded auto fuel. It is lightweight with its stamped legs in stainless steel that can enhance stability and at the same time lessen weight.

It is compact and can be folded. Plus, it can easily be cleaned given its one-piece leg design and the Shaker Jet technology for self-cleaning.

The product weighs 10.9-ounce minimum and a packed weight of 15.6 ounces. If one is to use a 20-ounce white gas canister, then users can enjoy 110 minutes of burn time or boil a liter of water in 3.5 minutes, and boil 1.3 liters of water for each fuel ounce.

If a user has a 20-ounce kerosene canister, then he or she can enjoy 155 minutes of burn time, boil a liter of water within 4.4 minutes as well as boil 1.6 liters of water per each fuel ounce.

The item comes with heat reflector, windscreen, base, carrying case and fuel pump. Fuel gas bottle must be bought separately.

All MSR products have a limited lifetime warranty for items with defects both in workmanship as well as materials.


  • Compact and can be folded
  • Comes with heat reflector, windscreen, base, carrying case and fuel pump
  • Shaker Jet self-cleaning technology
  • Multi-fuel performance burning kerosene, white gas, and unleaded auto fuel
  • Stamped stainless steel one-piece leg assembly for stability
  • Lightweight


  • Does not have an adjustable flame


This stove by MSR promises to be a versatile outdoor stove given its multi-fuel performance. It can burn kerosene, white gas, and unleaded auto fuel. It is highly portable given its foldability and compact size and is also lightweight.

It has stamped stainless steel legs which can improve stability as well as reduce weight.

The stove comes with other items, namely, heat reflector, windscreen, base, carrying case and fuel pump. However, one has to buy the fuel gas bottle separately.

This MSR product has a lifetime limited warranty for defects in either workmanship or materials as all of the manufacturer’s produce has this feature.


This WhisperLite International Stove by MSR has much competition from other manufacturers such as the Zumulum Outdoor Camping Stove and Outon Portable Gas Stove. These three products promise convenience and safety for outdoor boiling or cooking. All of them are similar as they come with carrying case and windshield case, and all three require buyers to purchase a fuel bottle separately.

However, the MSR Whisperlite stove does not have an adjustable flame control feature, a virtue that the two others boast. But the MSR product has other tricks on its sleeves that the Zumulum and Outon do not have. It has the self-cleaning technology, and it has multi-fuel use option.

Plus, in terms of stability and durability, the MSR product will be the clear winner. And of course, MSR offers a limited lifetime warranty that the two other producers do not have.


There are many virtues that this Whisperlite International stove by MSR can boast to potential buyers. First, it has a multi-fuel feature allowing users to either choose burning kerosene, white gas, and unleaded auto fuel.

It is self-cleaning with its Shaker Jet self-cleaning technology. Plus, of course, it is lightweight, portable and durable with its stamped stainless steel legs.

However, it has one significant disadvantage. It does not have a flame adjustment control, which means users will have to pull away from their pots when they just want what is in the pot to simmer. This feature is commonly found in other manufacturer’s products.

If a buyer values the flame adjustment control feature in the outdoor cooking stoves, then this MSR Whisperlite stove is not the one to purchase. However, if the lack of any flame adjustment control is a negligible virtue, then buying this MSR stove is an excellent choice because of the virtues mentioned above as well as its limited lifetime warranty covering defective parts or materials or deficient workmanship.

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