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LATITOP 3500W Portable Ultralight Propane Backpacking Stove Review

LATITOP 3500W Portable Ultralight Propane Backpacking Stove Review

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Backpacking has been tagged as a rising trend during the 1960’s and has been a consistent entry in the life journals of bonafide adventurers and nature lovers alike. You would see photographs and snippets of the subculture in memoirs and in movie scenes when the characters gather around an Ultralight Propane Backpacking Stove and wait for their food to cook.

Backpacking and the Ultralight Propane Backpacking Stove

Backpacking is considered to be a subculture that has its origins in Europe where college students taking a break from school would travel around the continent with nothing but the contents of their backpack. They would often go city to city, either by walking or, if you have the funds, through trains and experience the food, the music and the culture of the current destination.

In the United States, backpacking started as a way for your teens in the 1960s to rebel against the norms back then, more like an offshoot of the hippie culture that was widespread back then. This allowed the youth to rebel against society by traveling from one state to another, sometimes on a car but it was popular back then to travel via a Volkswagen van. They would have it packed with guitars, bongos and camping gears that include stoves that were the precursor of the Ultralight Propane Backpacking Stove.

Nowadays, backpackers are more fun oriented rather than rebelling against the norms. Some have even transitioned to glamping, which is a complete diversion from traditional camping wherein the camping facilities are fully equipped and decked out stylishly.

However, even with today’s backpacking subculture, the Ultralight Propane Backpacking Stove has found a place among the various gears that the modern backpacker would have.

LATITOP 3500W Portable Ultralight Propane Backpacking Stove Features

Take the LATITOP 3500W Portable Ultralight Propane Backpacking Stove with Piezo Ignition for example. It is a powerful camping stove that can heat up water within three minutes at full ignition and comes with its own collapsible legs and non-slip support bracket. Aside from this, the LATITOP Ultralight Propane Backpacking Stove comes with the following features:

  • Durable Materials. The materials used to craft this portable stove are of high grade aluminum and crafted steel which protect it from corrosion and rust. This Ultralight Propane Backpacking Stove can withstand high temperatures and is designed to support cookware of different weight and sizes.
  • Non-slip Bracket Support. This stove is equipped with non-slip bracket support that also acts as the support tripod of the whole stove. It is collapsible and yet strong enough to handle the pressure of outdoor cooking.
  • Piezo Ignition System. The Piezo Ignition system allows the flame to be lit without any problems, even at high winds. The ignition system is electronic and the adjustable knob lets you manipulate the flame to suit your cooking needs.
  • Low Center of Gravity. The serrated stand also acts as the non-slip support brackets for the cookware and they bring the entire unit down low, effectively bringing the center of gravity down, making the Ultralight Propane Backpacking Stove as stable as stable gets.
  • Compact Size. This stove comes with a tough storage box that is easy to carry and can fit into a backpack’ s outer pocket. The non-slip support bracket-slash-serrated stand folds and rotates to compress the stove into a more manageable size, storage-wise.
  • Efficient Burning. The LATITOP Ultralight Propane Backpacking Stove sports a rotary flame that provides you with a full burning capacity that burns fuel efficiently. This ensures that food is cooked evenly and faster.


  • The LATITOP Ultralight Propane Backpacking Stove weighs a mere 10 ounces and fits right in any backpack pocket. It is easy to carry and its small size betrays its true strength as it is able to support larger cookware that most stoves cannot.
  • Heats Up Fast. The rotary flame system burns fuel efficiently and it delivers consistent heat across the cookware. The adjustable knob that controls the flame also help cook food faster and prevents it from burning due to excessive flame strength.
  • Remote Tank Location. Given the structural design of the LATITOP Ultralight Propane Backpacking Stove, the propane tank is located remotely and is connected to the valve through a steel flex hose. This is ideal as it reduces the instance of untoward accident as you are able to control the flame remotely.
  • Adjustable Legs. The legs can be adjusted to suit any terrain in order to level the whole unit. One leg can be adjusted shorter or longer than the rest for a more stable support.


  • Small Storage Box. The storage box that the LATITOP Ultralight Propane Backpacking Stove comes with is just enough to fit the collapsed version of stove without any room for adjustment. One wrong turn or wrong curl of the hose would result in you not being able to fit it in the box. It is advisable that a separate container or sling pouch be used to store away the stove to prevent stress on the hose as repeated bends on the same spot can irreparably damage it.
  • Needs a Propane Adapter. The steel flex hose does not fit some propane canisters and you would need to bring along a fuel adaptor that helps connect the fuel line to the fuel source.
  • Compact but Bulky. While this Ultralight Propane Backpacking Stove does fold into a compact size and weighs less than 300 grams, the bulky aspect can cause some storage problems, especially if the backpack pocket is just the right size.


This Ultralight Propane Backpacking Stove is made of a combination of stainless steel and zinc alloy that makes it durable and corrosion-resistant while weighing almost nothing at the same time. The Piezo ignition system uses an electronic spark generator to light up the fuel coming from a steel flex hose that connects to a remote fuel source.

The flames are fully adjustable and it is spread through a rotary system for an efficient heat delivery that cooks food evenly and at a faster rate. The support system is stable and comprises of both the serrated stand and the non-slip cookware support. The stand collapses and folds in order to fit in the accompanying storage box.


The OUTON Portable Camping Gas Stove 3500W/3200W with Piezo Ignition Foldable Lightweight Backpacking Stove comes close to the LATITOP Ultralight Propane Backpacking Stove especially with regards to appearance and the power that it generates. Both stoves have the Piezo ignition system and have fully adjustable flame source, as well as serrated supports and even the same size carrying case.

The LATITOP edges the OUTON out when it comes to the materials that were used, as zinc is a better material than copper when it comes to providing support. Copper is much more malleable and tends to be bend if not supported properly. The collapsible legs of the OUTON cannot be adjusted evenly which means you have to find a stable and flat surface in order to use it.


The LATITOP 3500W Portable Ultralight Propane Backpacking Stove with Piezo Ignition brings value and functionality to the table while ensuring that food is cooked fast and evenly. The stable support system and the durable materials that it is made of give assurance that there would be no tipping accident and that it can be used even while balancing the stove on top of a log.

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